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Parents Love that Premier Martial Arts teaches Focus and Respect, But Let's Not Forget Self Defense

Teaching children how to focus, show respect, get and set goals is very important; of equal importance is teaching well-rounded safety skills that will serve and protect their entire lives. The great part is the more you teach life skills the easier it becomes to teach safety skills and vice versa. Today we will focus on mapping out a family escape plan.

First when constructing a family escape plan, evaluate each member of your families ability to safely exit the house in a time efficient manner. A young child, an aging parent or anyone else with difficulties must be taken into account. Decide who is best suited among the family to help assist them to escape. Placing a small postcard sized note with the word ‘emergency’ on the chosen helper door and the family member name (or better yet picture) of who will need assistance will help keep their duty top of mind.

In an emergency situation despite the combination adrenalin, lack of sleep and possibly smoke this top of mind awareness may help them quickly and clearly remember who they need to help get out.

Each member of the family must know two ways to exit each room in the house; one primary escape route and one alternate. This is if in case of a fire or a home intruder where one route becomes blocked and is unsafe. Having a second escape route could be a lifesaver.

Make sure that all family members know where the pre- designated meeting place they will be once they have exited the house. This meeting place should be a safe distance in case of fire but close enough that all members can get to it quickly. If the meeting place is across the street then take other factors into account such as traffic or construction.

Make sure that all family members know how to open (and lock) all windows and doors. Special window locks can be cumbersome without light so make sure that you can open them both quickly and quietly.

Be prepared by keeping a flashlight and whistle within reach of your bed. Use the flashlight to help find the way out or as a tool for self-defense. Use the whistle to rouse other family members and to signal help.

Make sure that all children know to use 9-1-1, request the right service (ambulance, fire or police) memorize their street address and their home phone number. Role-play with them and have them understand the importance of the system and to never abuse it. Having this crucial information written down on the phone or by the phone is important because when an emergency happens, recalling basic information may be difficult.

Practice your escape plan by practicing home fire drills. The younger your family is, the more frequently you should practice these drills. Give advance notice that over the next week or days you will have a practice drill. Review the basic elements of your plan, where the meeting place is, who will assist those who need extra help and what routes they should take. Then at a good time, run the drill and time your family. Post the result and practice until you are satisfied.

Teaching kids these skills helps make them more confident and responsible. By being prepared, having a plan and then practicing the plan keeps a family sharp, aware and safe, which will help everyone to sleep a little sounder.

For more information on our children’s martial arts classes,  CLICK HERE

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Three Abilities That Lead to Martial Arts Mastery

As a black belt, educator and parent, I am constantly working with mastery for martial arts. The majority of my students and their parents come to the martial arts to gain mastery in very specific areas. Whether it means showing more respect at home, learning to concentrate better at school or showing confidence by setting a boundary with a bully- all parents want their children to learn new skills and master them.  Mastery of a discipline or sport doesn’t just happen. It takes resources, learning, coaching and training. In short it takes constant practice to become a master- not just a few lessons or a book that gets half read. Here are three necessary abilities one needs in order to master any manner of skill:

The ability to say no is important for martial arts mastery.

Being able to limit outside influences by saying no is one of your most important abilities in the search for personal and martial arts mastery. We live in a society where we are constantly being coerced into activities that may or may not be good for us. Whether it is buying an unnecessary product or service (that you are told that you just gotta have.. NOW!, pressure to keep up with the Jones’s or not being able to say no for fear of what others might think doesn’t matter. Martial Arts Mastery only comes to those who can focus and concentrate themselves on a practice and its goals. While it doesn’t require a fanatical vacuum (a lack of any and all distraction) it does require attention and practice. Learning to say no to wasteful, frivolous fluff activities can give you the time and attention to be a better parent or partner or to increase your child’s grades.

The Ability to say Yes is important for martial arts mastery.

Being able to say yes to what really matters is the flip side of saying no to what doesn’t matter. Being able to say yes requires you to have a clear picture of what you are saying yes to. Not having a clear picture of what mastery looks and acts like is a deterrent to achieving  martial arts mastery. Help yourself by finding a role model or mentor that can help you to form a mental picture of what you want to be. Even the martial arts masters had masters and would constantly study books, listen to lectures or ask questions to. They would then take the information and find a mental picture of what they wanted and then everyday say yes to those activities that would support their vision of martial arts mastery.

The Ability to Persevere is important for martial arts mastery.

This means that despite the criticism of others, the doubting of one’s self or the pressures of the world, martial arts masters keep on keeping on. The ability to persevere means learning to say yes and no to the right things endlessly- that is without end until they have changed their vision or have been given new information that suggests saying yes to new ways of thinking or no to old ones.

Martial arts mastery is not a common word in everyday discussion. People stay away from it for the most part because they are either scared to commit to it, or to what others might think of them if they announced their intentions. But real change comes from stepping forward from a common and well-known position and taking a risk and trying something new. Take small steps- find an area or skill that you would like to improve in life. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering- Mozart chose music, Mother Theresa chose helping people, and both started with a single act or note. So encourage yourself, spouse, child or grandchild to take a step forward in martial arts mastery and remember the formula it takes to get there- say no, say yes and keep on keeping on.



Fighting Child Obesity with Martial Arts Fitness!

Why should you loose weight?

Many children know that they are obese or at least overweight. But what they fail to realize is the effect that this can have on them in later life.

When you are a child your body produces fat cells in order to store the level of fat that you have in your body. When you are a child the number of these cells can increase or decrease. The lower the number of cells you have the easier it is to loose weight.

The problem comes when you are obese as a child and continue to be obese as an adult. This is a problem as it means that you will find it a lot harder to loose weight as an adult. This is due to the fact that the fat cells tell your body the level of fat that they need to store and it is therefore much harder to consume lower amounts of fat than you are used to.

If you loose the weight as a child your body will loose some of these fat cells and it therefore becomes a lot easier to keep the fat off.

Obesity organizations worldwide are rallying to encourage parents to stop child obesity. They are encouraging parents to get their children away from the television and computers and out to go to sports and playing outside.

Martial arts have become one of the popular choices as a form of exercise for children. It not only improves a child’s physical well-being, but the sport also has advantages in fitness, co-ordination and sociability. Children’s Martial Arts is becoming a popular style among children and parents, as it covers a wide variety of skills and character building.

Martial art teaches children to defend themselves, have self-control and self-confidence. These are becoming increasingly critical characteristics in today’s modern society. The practice of a martial art can assist with bad temper and low self-esteem. It gives children not only something to do, but something to work towards.

Children can benefit from this style on a physical level, as it is both a muscular strength and aerobic workout.  It focuses on making the mind and body work as one, making children improve their concentration.

Parents should get involved as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start classes, but rather encourage your child and pay attention to what he or she learns. Be a great role model for your child’s health. Martial art will help children become goal-orientated and give them something to improve themselves on. It is also a social sport and will allow your child to develop friends and relationships outside of school.

Parents need to become actively involved in the care of their children, as they are the new generation.Martial arts is a fun activity that can help with getting children on their feet and moving. But parents still have to make sure that healthy living doesn’t only apply when they drop their kids off at classes. It must continue into their home life as well with good diets and encouragement.

To Learn More About Fighting Against Child Hood Obesity Visit PremierMartialArts.com Today!



The Rise of Bully Prevention Through Kids Martial Arts

Enrolling a child in Premier Martial Arts Kids program is a great way to teach children bully prevention. Children’s Martial Arts provides the benefits are discipline, self repeat, self control, leadership, self defense and confidence.

Building Up Confidence Can Stop Bullying

Bullies pick victims that they think will be easy targets. What makes an easy target? A child who seems weak, unsure of herself, or easily scared. Premier Martial Arts helps stop bullying by building up children’s confidence so that they are able to be strong and confident that they are not perceived as easy targets.

How do you know when your child is being bullied?

What are the signs to look for?

  • If your child suddenly hates going to school or comes up with excuses to try to stay home.
  • If your child complains about stomach pains when there is nothing physically wrong with them.
  • If your child’s grades start to drop.
  • If your child becomes more with drawn from people.

These are all signs to look at and hopefully prevent bullying from happening to your child.

Bully Prevention Is Reinforcing Discipline

Victims of bullying can sometimes make things worse for themselves by acting in ways that make it easy for others to taunt or threaten them. Premier Martial Arts teaches bully prevention by training children the discipline to manage their own behavior in such a way that it does not in any provoke or trigger a bully.

Teaching Respect Improves Character

Being bullied can often shatter a child’s self-esteem and lead to a low self-image and loss of self-worth.Premier Martial Arts helps to stop bullying by showing children that if they want others to respect them, they first must learn to respect themselves.

Leadership, Self-Control and Self-Defense!

Victims of bullying often are not adept at recognizing what kind of behavior triggers a bully to lash out. Premier Martial Arts empowers children to control their own behaviors in such a way that will stop a negative situation from spiraling into conflict or violence.

Bullies often target kids who are less popular. So if your child has few friends, this social isolation could put him at higher risk of being bullied. Children’s Martial Arts will help stop bullying by training children to be more sociable and help them make friends more easily.

As we mentioned above, bullies pick victims that they think will be easy targets. Martial arts classesteaches bully prevention by training children how to defend themselves. Once they are armed with this knowledge, they will naturally project a much more confident image and thus, not come across as an easy target for bullies.

To Learn More About Bully Prevention Visit Premier Martial Arts Bully Program!



Gratitude and Kindness, The smallest things can make all difference in your life and others!

You just need to remember to take the time to show your gratitude and spread your kindness. The world needs it. A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people. Challenge your Premier Martial Arts students this Thanksgiving to commit to at least one Random Act of Kindness. Challenge and show them how they can make a difference in your community…

There is always something to be grateful for!

No matter what your circumstances, there is always something worth appreciating. Often the most important times to be grateful are during the most difficult times. Gratitude is a powerful emotion. When you are truly grateful in the moment, it’s impossible to feel fear or stress or anxiety, or any of those negative emotions that keep us for experiencing our potential. Allow gratitude to take over.

Remember what you do today will define your tomorrow…

  • What unique dent are you putting in the world?
  • Your good choices are you making today will transform your tomorrow!
  • Be known as a problem solver not a problem maker!
  • Give without expecting a return!

Every purpose involves helping others!

We are not complete on our own. What makes life rich is the way we interact and serve others. The more you do it, the richer the results. The benefits of charity and compassion are powerful and immediate. You’ve seen it on the bus, when someone offers his or her seat to an elderly person. The generous person feels noble, the elderly person beams with gratitude, and even spectators feel like cheering inside just from having witnessed a simple act of kindness. As it turns out, the effects of those experiences aren’t just psychological. Those who study the science of do-gooding have discovered that performing (or even just imagining performing) a good deed has major physiological benefits — for the giver, not just the recipient. Naturally, we don’t behave in benevolent ways to benefit from our actions…but just between us, the side effects are awesome.

Learning to be kind and generous is just one of the many characters we teach at Premier Martial Arts!



Premier Martial Arts is Safe for all Children

Premier Martial Arts is Safe for all Children

When a child reaches a certain productive and attentive age, parents often try to find constructive activities to enroll them in. The right activities will be able to instill certain traits and qualities into the child’s life. Some of these qualities include discipline, respect and focus. One activity that parents often consider to achieve these goals is martial arts.

The Benefits
The ultimate purpose of learning karate and martial arts is to be able to defend against harmful threats or advances from another individual. However, by learning this craft, each student will also learn respect, discipline and focus that will also affect their daily lives.

Martial arts like Karate, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have been used for centuries as a way to teach children how to become a better person and a functioning individual in society. The teachings can positively influence their school life, home life and eventually their business life when they get older. The lessons that are learned will last a lifetime.


Centuries-Old Teachings
Many parents are hesitant about putting their children into a self-defense class because of the physical contact that is continually experienced. However, what parents do not realize is that each student will have the proper protective gear, as well as the proper training to avoid injury. This is a standard element of a self-defense program.

When a student begins their martial arts program they are taught in a structured classroom setting by an instructor that is skilled in the art. Martial arts students learn a specific system of codes and traditions that are passed on from generation to generation. These long-standing systems are still around because of their effectiveness.

The Lessons Learned
One of the most important lessons that a child will take away from martial arts  and karate is self-confidence. When a child first begins their instruction, they will often be hesitant about practicing the moves that are necessary to protect themselves. Yet, as the instruction increases and the student practices more often, their self-esteem will increase and will allow them to grow. This new self worth will continue on through their lifetime.

Students will also be able to make important judgment decisions when confronted with an impending or unexpected problem. Before starting martial arts, some individuals may make a point of starting fights when they are faced with aggression. However, by taking part in self-defense classes, a student will make wise decisions before engaging in a fight. This thought process is often lacking in non-structured individuals.

Premier Martial Arts class is focused on building respect, discipline and focus for all of it’s students through the age old traditions of martial arts.

Learn how Premier Martial Arts can safely help mold your child to understand trust, respect and discipline starting today




Premier Martial Arts teaches various methods of self-defense. Premier Martial Arts kids program lets students learn from a knowledgeable and skilled martial arts instructor that has years of experience and knows how to work with young children.

Regardless of which method of martial arts that is studied, a student will learn about respect, focus and discipline. This is especially beneficial for young children who are at an impressionable age and must learn the proper way to act and treat others.


Respect is an important aspect of at Premier Martial Arts in order to mold the child into a better person. Some students begin training because they are not happy with bullying or teasing that they are experiencing; others simply lack self-confidence.



A trained instructor will properly guide each student so that they can blossom into respectful and considerate individuals. Students learn that respect is earned and is not an automatic given.


Premier Martial Arts kids program is not a simple task to undertake, nor is it a quick one. Many students spend years learning, even lifetimes, learning the codes and traditions. When martial arts students first begin their program they will spend many classes learning stretches, holds, and most importantly safety.

It is important to note that Premier Martial Arts kids program provide students with important self-defense techniques. Each student must focus on their training to ensure that they make the right choices if and when involved in an altercation. This prevents unnecessary injuries and undue pain.


By combining respect and focus with discipline, students are able to learn and practice the martial arts they have learned into their personal lives. In order to practice, they often engage in safe combat with other students or their teacher. The students learn to possess the discipline, focus and respect that are required of them so that they do not end up injuring themselves or their partner.

Each student will have to dedicate time every day to practice their training, so that they can become skilled in all methods. Without discipline, the student can never achieve greatness.

Lifetime Achievements

Students can go on to use their teachings to become better students and to have better personal relationships. Successful students become well-functioning individuals in society and are hard-workers.

Learning structure, having stability and participating in a permanent time commitment allows young children to grow up to be a content individual that appreciates everything that the world has to offer.

Premier Martial Arts focus is building respect, discipline and focus for all of it’s students through the age old traditions of martial arts including Kick Boxing, Karate, Krav Maga, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  BJJ.



Cardio Kickboxing Burning Adventure

Start your fat burning adventure with cardio kickboxing.

The overall goal should be for you to have a healthy, lean body and not just great lookíng legs or abs.

Here are some common body fat areas that are sometimes hard to lose:

–belly fat
–butt/híps/thíghs fat
–low back fat and
–upper back arm fat

Thís ís what you need to do to burn total body fat:1.

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Start a healthy meal plan fílled wíth whole, natural foods. Fruíts, vegetables, lean meats, low-fat díary products and whole graíns fít the bíll. Severely límít sugars, fast foods, processed foods and foods ín a box or bag. Base your daíly caloríc íntake on your basal metabolíc rate, your daíly actívíty and your goals. Thís way, you won’t eat too much or too líttle (severe caloríe restríctíon).You need to maíntaín a caloríc defícít on most days to burn fat and lose weíght consístently.

2. Drínk only water and unsweetened drínks most of the tíme. Drínk about half your body weíght ín ounces every day. So, íf you weígh 150 pounds, drínk at least 75 ounces of water every day. Thís wíll ímprove your health and help wíth weíght loss.

3. Start buíldíng muscle mass and burníng fat at the same tíme. You must change your body’s composítíon to more muscle and less fat. Thís wíll speed up your metabolísm and help you burn more caloríes every day with cardio kickboxing.

And, you must do more than cardío exercíse to change your body’s composítíon. “Cardío only” wíll not lean out your body. That is why CrossKick is such a great workout! Cardio kickboxing works both cardio and strength training!

Your body wíll also shrínk because muscle takes up less space than fat. Over tíme, you wíll begín to lose weíght and the weíght wíll stay off. Do full body círcuít strength traíníng 3 tímes a week, about 30-40 mínutes a sessíon. When you get really good at ít, 20-mínute strength traíníng sessíons wíll be enough to get the job done.

4. I recommend doíng ínterval cardío sessíons (about 20 mínutes a sessíon) 2-3 tímes a week. Sprínt ínterval cardío works best, especíally on ínclínes on grass.

Bodyweíght exercíse ínterval cardío also works well. You míght have to work up to beíng able to do 20-mínute ínterval cardío sessíons. íf you are doíng 60-mínute cardío sessíons, don’t! ít ís wastíng your tíme and precíous muscle mass.

5. If you have stubborn fat areas líke lower ab fat, you can do extra strength exercíses on cardío days to address those areas. Aím to burn total body fat fírst and local area fat second.



Five Reasons Martial Arts Builds Confidence in Children

From having owned and instructed at Premier Martial Arts schools now for over 30 years, I know all too well that confidence is not only one of the main factors that children need to be happy, healthy, and successful, but it is also one of the main benefits that parents are looking for their children to gain from Premier Martial Arts training.

Confident Premier Martial Arts Kid

Premier Martial Arts develops and builds a child confidence from Five main factors.

1.       Good Finding. Our instructors are taught to be “Good Finders”. They are constantly looking for opportunities to praise and complement our students. Instead of always pointing out what a student is doing wrong, we are always trying to point out what they do right! This approach to teaching motivates the children though continuous positive energy.

2.       We Give A’s First. Our Instructors “Always Give an A First”. Our instructors at Premier Martial Arts understand that by complimenting children for their efforts, not just results, no matter how minor, motivates a student to try that much harder. Trying harder brings the child even better results and those results will develop true confidence. Then the cycle repeats.

3.       Belt Ranking. Premier Martial Arts has a unique way of setting goals and showing the progression of those goals, and that is though our Belt Ranking system. A beginning student starts as a white belt and moves though goals of different color belt ranks as they meet different physical, mental and curriculum requirements. This goal setting/learning and rewarding/goal accomplishment system rewards children for their efforts and progress and developments a strong foundation of confidence and continue to grow and grow.  

4.       Self Defense. Children develop confidence at Premier Martial Arts though our self-defense instruction. In is no secret that children that have a sense of well-being and security are confident and happy. Self-defense training is part of every class a child takes at Premier Martial Arts.

5.       Fitness. With the childhood obesity rates skyrocketing in the U.S. It has never been more important that children learn and develop positive habits of nutrition and fitness. Beside health concerns for a child’s future, it is important to understand that a negative self-image is the main “killer of confidence”. Sadly our society continues to put more and more emphasis on how a person looks on the outside than what kind of person they are on the inside. How a child thinks about themselves is directly related to how they feel about themselves. If they think they are overweight and un- attractive, then this attitude will likely result in decreasing their confidence and self-worth. At Premier Martial Arts, we teach our children valuable life lasting lessons on nutrient and fitness. Through our training we develop happy, healthy, confident, successful children!



Premier Martial Arts is Mixed Martial Arts

Modern mixed martial arts competition or MMAhas only a short history, as the first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) event took place on November 12, 1993. However, Premier Martial Arts and other martial arts of different backgrounds have been fighting for years leading up to the burgeoning modern day interest in full contact combat athletic endeavors. In accordance, this full contact combat sport is growing in popularity at an amazing rate.

The More Distant History of MMA

In a sense, all martial arts styles in general has led up to what we now refer to as MMA. Along with this, those that practice fighting techniques have been testing their skills against one another likely before history even began to be recorded. Still, Greek Pankration, a fighting event that became a part of the Olympic Games in 648 B.C., is the first documented full contact, few rules combat competition in history. Pankration events were known for their brutality; even more so were the Etruscan and Roman pancratium events that sprouted from it.

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More recently, there have been many examples of full combat fights designed to measure one style against another. One of the more notable occurred in 1887 when then heavyweight boxing champion John L. Sullivan took on Greco-Roman wrestling champion William Muldoon. Muldoon reportedly slammed his adversary to the canvas in just a couple of minutes. Reinforcing this, many other reported matches between famous strikers and grapplers also took place in and around this time, with grapplers often demonstrating a significant advantage over their striking or stand up fighting counterparts.

Interestingly, MMA style competitions also sprouted up in England in the late 1800’s via Bartitsu events. Bartitsu pitted Asian and European fighting styles against one another. The inclusion of the Asian fighting styles made them somewhat unique for the time period.

In the early 1900’s, full contact combat with mixed styles began happening in a variety of places. However, there were two spots that were perhaps more noticeable and noteworthy. First, there was vale tudo in Brazil, which began in the early 1920’s. In sum, vale tudo was born of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the Gracie family. The history behind this is noteworthy enough when it comes to MMA to go into it further.

In 1914, a Kodokan Judo master by the name of Mitsuyo Maeda taught Brazil’s Carlos Gracie (Gastao Gracie’s son) the art of judo in appreciation of his father’s help with business in the country. This was an amazing turn of events as the Japanese tended to hide jujutsu and judo from the western world. From there, Carlos’s youngest and smallest brother Helio, refined the art that had been taught to Carlos into one that used less strength and more leverage in order to suit his more diminutive frame.

What came of this was Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a grappling art that taught practitioners how to utilize joint locks and choke holds to their advantage on the ground. In addition, one of Helio’s major accomplishments was in refining how fighters could compete from their backs utilizing a technique called the guard.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu performers did exceptionally well in mixed style vale tudo matches in Brazil, one of which was Helio Gracie.

In addition, there were mixed martial arts matches being put on by Antonio Inoki in Japan in the 1970’s. One of these took place between Inoki himself and famed heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali on June 25, 1976. In reality, it appears that this 15 round draw, which netted Ali six million dollars and Inoki two million dollars, was staged. Further, several rules were put into place to help Ali just before the fight went off (including a rule that only allowed Inoki to kick if one of his knees were down). However, the match certainly generated a lot of interest in mixed style competitions.

Eventually, all of this led to the first UFC event in 1993.

For great martial arts training, look for the nearest Premier Martial Arts studio near you.



How to Improve Concentration in Kids

Does your child have trouble concentrating on his home work? Do you find your child with a dreamy expression on his face when he is supposed to be studying? Children are beginning to explore the world around them. They are learning to think and analyze the cause and effect. Things that may seem mundane to the adult eye are new and wonderful for children. Therefore, they tend to be distracted by the things and happenings around them. However, there are many things you can do to help your child to attain a better concentration levels. One great way is children’s martial arts and karate classes.

• Set a routine. Set aside a specific time for waking up, having breakfast, and going to school, playtime, study time and dinner. Once your child establishes a routine, he will find it easier to concentrate on his work because he knows that this is the time you have allotted for work and nothing else.

• Make sure that the room in which your child sits down to study and do his homework, is one where there is no distraction. Let him read aloud if he feels it will help him from becoming distracted.

• Don’t let younger siblings, especially infants play near the room where your school going child studies. Their cries and infant babble may be a big distraction for your child.

• Look up the topic which your child is working on and capture his interest by sharing interesting and informative facts with him.

• Make dull topics interesting by playing quizzes and memory games.

• If your child feels sleepy or hungry, he may not be able to concentrate well so make sure he is not hungry or tired.

• Sometimes children tend to lose interest in a particular subject when they fail at it. Encourage your child to persevere. For this, you must show him that you have full confidence in his abilities and that you will help him in any way you can.

• If your child needs extra help, offer to help him out or arrange for tuition. Once he begins to understand and master the subject, he will begin to concentrate on his work.

• It is a good idea to let your child study along with his peers who are good academic performers. By doing this, your child can pick up tips and ideas from his friends.

• Be patient when you deal with your child. Yelling at him or scolding him when your find him distracted will only serve to make him frustrated.

• Let your child take short breaks while studying. This will help your child to refresh his mind and memory. Let him take a 10 minute break after 1 or 2 hours of studying.

There are several activities which can help to improve your child’s concentration.

Here are a few:
- Board games and card games demand concentration, and engaging in them will improve your child’s concentration levels.
- Read a story to your child and ask him questions related to it. This will help sharpen his memory too.
- Ask your child about his day. This way, he will make an attempt to recall the events and actions of his day and this in turn will help improve his memory and concentration.
- Count numbers or their multiples and skip one or two in between. Ask your child to find the missing number.
- Strange as it sounds, tongue twisters also help improve concentration. Your child has to listen with great attention to decipher the tongue twister you say. This will teach him to concentrate. And finallyChildren’s Martial Arts and Karate Classes.

Lack of concentration is not a problem that is impossible to solve. These few tips should help you assist your child to overcome the problem of low concentration levels and sharpen his memory and learning skills.

Many health care professional now recommend children’s martial arts and karate classes to help kids improve their focus and concentration. For great children’s martial arts and karate classes find thePremier Martial Arts school near you.



Premier Martial Arts – America’s Self Protection, Personal Development, and Fitness Experts

The vision of Premier Martial Arts is to build a community by helping people get in shape, be safe and at the same time instill the life skills and character of a true martial artist.  Upholding important values like courtesy, patience, respect, self control and integrity.  We will also help you achieve self discipline, high self esteem, a positive out look, a spirit of constant improvement, and an attitude that refuses to give up. These values and life skills will lead to remarkable improvements in academics, careers, and relationships, literally making a better community one black belt at a time. 

Modern World Self Protection

Premier Martial Arts incorporates a combination of techniques found in four effective disciplines: Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Submission Grappling and Kali to provide students with a realistic personal protection system for a modern world.

Krav Maga (“contact combat”) is an eclectic hand-to-hand combat system developed in Israel that involves striking techniques, wrestling and grappling, mostly known for its extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks, and is taught to regular and special forces in Israel.

Knowing that self protection and fighting are totally different situations, our Kickboxing curriculum teaches our students techniques used in all ranges of realistic stand up fighting while getting them in the best shape of their lives.

Submission Grappling teaches our students how to defend ourselves in the event that we are taken to the ground in an altercation.

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Through learning throws, joint locks, and submission holds students will be better able to defend themselves while standing up in close range or in the event they are on the ground.

In modern world self protection, the need for weapon defense and weapons training is a reality. Whether confronted with an attacker wielding a knife or stick, or teaching our student how to properly defend themselves with these weapons, the art of Kali gives the Premier Martial Arts student the knowledge needed to survive.

By combining these realistic and effective systems of the martial arts a student will be better able to defend themselves in any situation they may conceivably find themselves. Where most systems of martial arts focus mainly on one area of techniques, our mixed martial arts approach allows us to train a well rounded student of self protection.

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Respect Starts and Ends with You

Respect Starts and Ends with You

Respect is a small word that occupies a big place in our minds. Songs are written demanding more of it. Many people leave long held careers or relationships for lack of it. Respect has a high premium in our society but is in apparent short supply. People- kids especially want more respect but are not always clear on how to nurture more of it in their everyday lives. Here are a few suggestions towards feeling more respected:

Give First 

A story comes to mind about a foolish man freezing to death, hunched over his fireplace saying ‘I’ll give you some wood only if you give me some heat first’. The fact is that respect doesn’t happen by accident.

The people who get the most respect are typically those who give the most first. They are prone to listen first so that they can understand better, and then in kind be understood better. While this may seem a simplistic suggestion- try it for 30 days with your kids, spouse, employer or employees. Your example will propel you and those you associate with to a higher level of respect.

Show that you care 

Courtesy and respect go hand in hand. A simple ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ in simple matters such as asking to be passed the salt goes a long way in building respect. Remembering a person’s name or giving a ‘good job’ note are also examples of showing that you care. Showing consideration for others like turning a cell phone off during a meeting or opening the door for someone else creates an atmosphere of respect. The small things over a person’s lifetime time always add up. These small things require little but bring out the best in others and ourselves.

Disagree but don’t be disagreeable.

Learning to disagree with other people’s points of view without becoming hostile or disagreeable can be difficult and at times feel impossible, especially when we feel stressed or under verbal attack. It may seem appropriate to counter attack with equal hostility, it certainly doesn’t make the situation any better. Learn to control yourself by continuing to breathe, affirming that’s it is okay to have differing opinions and re invest yourself in listening first to understand then be understood.

Becoming personally responsible for the respect you give to others is key. Don’t wait for your children, spouse or co workers to change before you do. Don’t expect something for nothing. So instead of waiting, choose to be a living, breathing example of respect by giving first, demonstrating courteous acts and learn to disagree civilly. There is nothing stopping you and world will cheer you on- so start today!



Karate. Just another Kid Sport, Think Again!

Premier Martial Arts is not just another after-school activity. Basketball, soccer, and baseball are all great activities for children. But Premier Martial Art’s karate program is personal development through a physical discipline. Our exciting yet disciplined karate classes focus a child’s attention, thus improving his or her ability to learn. Learning builds a sense of accomplishment. With each new accomplishment a student’s self-confidencegrows, and confidence is the first step in theempowerment of a persons physical and mental abilities.

Once we begin to develop a students self confidence though karate and martial arts training, we are then able to instill the values of respect, courtesy, honestly, perseverance, and integrity that are the foundation of karate and martial arts dating back thousands of years.  Furthermore, your child will develop perseverance, which is a non-quitting spirit to overcome life’s obstacles. Instilling a non-quitting spirit helps a child over come challenges, to succeed in the face of adversity, and to be a goal setter, and a goal getter. 

These combined physical and character foundations that Premier Martial Arts Karate program develops, helps children excel in their academic school studies, sports, and the social endeavors. It ensures that they will have the confidence in themselves and the character to make the right decisions when confronted with negative peer pressure. They will be leaders not followers.



The Four Disciplines of Premier Martial Arts

Premier Martial Arts incorporates a combination of techniques found in four effective disciplines: Krav Maga, Kickboxing, Submission Grappling and Kali which provide students with a realistic personal protection and fitness system for a modern world.

Israeli Krav Maga – Real World Self Protection

Krav Maga is a generic Hebrew word meaning “contact fighting.” The word, maga, means “contact” and the word, krav, means “battle” or “fight”. In Krav Maga, there are no rules. Krav Maga is a self defense and fighting system, not a sport. All the techniques focus on strategies and effectiveness in real-life conditions and situations.

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The attacks and defenses in Krav Maga training are designed generally for close quarter, possibly life threatening situations. The goal of training is to neutralize attacks, counter attack for self protection purposes and escape rapidly and safely as possible. Though self protection is the main goal of Krav Maga, the techniques, conditioning and drills make Krav Maga the ideal training for self defense, fighting, or fitness.


Knowing that self protection and fighting are totally different situations, our Kickboxing curriculum teaches our students techniques used in all ranges of realistic stand up fighting while getting them in the best shape of their lives. Premier’s kickboxing curriculum incorporates the punching techniques of western boxing with the kicking, kneeing, and elbow strikes of muay thai kickboxing. This combination makes for dynamic fitness training while training in the world’s best striking system.

Submission Grappling

Submission Grappling teaches our students how to defend themselves in the event that they are “taken to the ground” in an altercation. Through learning throws, joint locks, and submission holds students will be better able to defend themselves while standing up in close range or in the event that they are on the ground.


In modern world self protection, the need for weapon defense and weapons training is a reality. Whether confronted with an attacker wielding a knife, stick or teaching our student how to properly defend themselves with these weapons, the art of Kali gives the Premier Martial Arts student the knowledge needed to survive.

By combining these realistic and effective systems of the martial arts a student will be better able to defend themselves in any situation they may conceivably find themselves. Where most systems of martial arts focus mainly on one area of technique, our mixed martial arts approach allows us to train a well rounded student of self protection.

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Fitness is a Goal in Premier Martial Arts Training

Fitness is a Goal in Premier Martial Arts Training

No matter if you are five or sixty five….,Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility are all benefits that a student can expect to receive with Premier Martial Arts Training. Every muscle group is strengthened and defined with the exercises, movements, technique, and training drills that are incorporated into our curriculum. Your endurance and stamina will peak as we increase your cardiovascular conditioning. All these physical benefits for your body will be felt in your daily life and activities, increasing yourenergy and confidence.

Focus + Discipline = Success

Most any exercise gets some results when performed and most any self defense is better than none.

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The problem is that most fitness programs fail to offer the excitement and interest to keep the participant consistent in their training, therefore setting them up for failure in their results. The successful fitness results of Premier Martial Arts is supported by personal development. Our students learnconcepts and receive coaching in focus, goal setting, self discipline and confidence that help to keep them on track. It is like having your own personal trainer and success coach all in one. The best thing of all is that students receive incredible benefits in physical fitness and personal developmentwhile receiving the empowerment that comes through the self defense training that will be invaluable as they learn the skills needed to protect themselves and their family.

If you are interested in martial arts training, check for the Premier Martial Arts location nearest you.



Premier Martial Arts Winners are Simply Willing to do What Losers Won’t. Motivation is the Key.

For an person to be successful in the goal to be fit and healthy, he or she has to at some point has to master motivation. To become healthy and fit we have to eat correctly, train intensely and regularly and most of all, change our way of life and make fitness a life style. Premier Martial Arts and Karate training can provide this life style. But first a person has to master motivation.

Ah, that ever easy word to say, but increasingly difficult to stay, MOTIVATED. By definition is means providing a reason to act. If you do not understand what I am talking about, motivation is what you need when you have to wake up and train in the early morning hours. It is what is needed when you have to push yourself top train on days you may not be your best, to take your that fifth high energy Premier Martial Arts and Karate class of the week, or to spend time cross training! Now you know what I am talking about, Motivation, that inner force that separates the successful people from the unsuccessful. I was watching a movie with a friend a few weekends ago and in the movie was a poster in this martial arts gym that said “winners are simply willing to do what losers won’t!” That inner willingness that makes us do what losers won’t is motivation.

But, getting motivated is easier said than done, staying motivated is even harder. After the movie that I saw I started thinking about the importance and keys to motivated people though the martial arts no matter if the training is  KarateKickboxingBrazilian Jiu Jitsu, or Krav Maga. We all need motivation in our lives sometime in certain situation. For someone to become motivated, they have to experience three important elements, confidence, effort, and results. But which one is first, where does motivation start. At first glance it would appear that either of the three would spark someone’s motivation. Someone that is confident would be the type of person to give the effort needed to get results. But developing confidence is a process all its own. If a person gave the right amount of effort, the person would see some type of results and possibly gain confidence from the experience. But getting people to give effort requires motivating them in the first place.

The fastest and easiest way to motivate someone in  martial arts training starts with results. When someone experiences results they gain confidence in themselves and become motivated to give even more effort, which yields even greater results, developing more confidence, enabling a person to give more effort and getting even better results. This spiral of motivation continues to grow and allows a person to achieve anything they can conceive.

Going to the dojo or martial arts studio does not motivate you to workout, the results you see from how it makes you look and feel motivates you to go back day after day. A person experiences more motivation when they see results. As a martial artist don’t rush for results. Take your time, enjoy your training, and notice small gains and victories you are making.  Compliment yourself on the results you are getting even if it is the smallest of gains, remember in martial arts you are only competing with yourself. Then your confidence will begin to grow, and you give even  greater effort. For instance when animal trainers are training an animal to perform some amazing feat, they do not start with building confidence in the animal, they do not start working the animal hard to learn the trick. They start slow by rewarding the animal with a treat for even the smallest result, and thus building motivation for learning. So remember,  anytime you want to motivate yourself or anyone to perform at a higher level, start by showing them their simple results first, and then watch them start to get even greater results later. Finally it is process that allows someone life changing results and creating a better life style for themselves though the martial arts.

If you want to create permanent healthy changes in your lifestyle go to your nearest Premier Martial ArtsStudio to begin your new journey.



Premier Martial Arts Unparalleled Standards Makes us the World’s Best

Did You Know? That your Premier Martial Artsinstructors go through a very extensive selection process to insure we have only the best and most talented instructors in the world.

Once selected, they are put through an intense and rigorous series of training colleges to guarantee the quality of instruction that our students will receive.

Once a Premier Martial Arts instructor is certified to teach our unique and effective system, they are then required to receive 40 hours of continuing martial arts and instructor education yearly. This on going training allows our instructors to stay up to date on the latest and most effective self defense techniques, teaching methods, nutrition and exercise science. This re-certification process is our assurance that every Premier Martial Arts students will continue to receive only the very best in martial arts training.

Premier Martial Arts instructors are professionals, we are experts in what we do. We expect our instructors to be the best, so you can expect the best from our instructors.

If you not a Premier Martial Arts student, visit our website to find the location nearest you. 


7 Reasons Why Martial Arts is a Great Activity for Kids


7 Reasons Why Martial Arts is a Great Activity for Kids

1. Beneficial for kids with ADHD

Studies show that a complex physical activity, like martial arts, strengthens neural pathways and networks in the brain, and enables kids with ADD/ADHD to practice self-control. Movement helps them develop coordination while building strength resulting in increased focusing ability. 

2. Kids Get More Physically Active

With the obesity epidemic in the US, physical activity of all kinds


5 Benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing


5 Benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing

If you are wanting to learn a martial arts method and are trying to decide between Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and are not sure where to start, it may be beneficial to you to learn some of the benefits of each and decide from there. 

Of course, some of the over-all benefits are going to overlap- things like improved physic, overall strength, etc, but this will give you some basic information to start with. 

1. Muay Thai improves Cardiovascular Conditioning...