Why should you loose weight?

Many children know that they are obese or at least overweight. But what they fail to realize is the effect that this can have on them in later life.

When you are a child your body produces fat cells in order to store the level of fat that you have in your body. When you are a child the number of these cells can increase or decrease. The lower the number of cells you have the easier it is to loose weight.

The problem comes when you are obese as a child and continue to be obese as an adult. This is a problem as it means that you will find it a lot harder to loose weight as an adult. This is due to the fact that the fat cells tell your body the level of fat that they need to store and it is therefore much harder to consume lower amounts of fat than you are used to.

If you loose the weight as a child your body will loose some of these fat cells and it therefore becomes a lot easier to keep the fat off.

Obesity organizations worldwide are rallying to encourage parents to stop child obesity. They are encouraging parents to get their children away from the television and computers and out to go to sports and playing outside.

Martial arts have become one of the popular choices as a form of exercise for children. It not only improves a child’s physical well-being, but the sport also has advantages in fitness, co-ordination and sociability. Children’s Martial Arts is becoming a popular style among children and parents, as it covers a wide variety of skills and character building.

Martial art teaches children to defend themselves, have self-control and self-confidence. These are becoming increasingly critical characteristics in today’s modern society. The practice of a martial art can assist with bad temper and low self-esteem. It gives children not only something to do, but something to work towards.

Children can benefit from this style on a physical level, as it is both a muscular strength and aerobic workout.  It focuses on making the mind and body work as one, making children improve their concentration.

Parents should get involved as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start classes, but rather encourage your child and pay attention to what he or she learns. Be a great role model for your child’s health. Martial art will help children become goal-orientated and give them something to improve themselves on. It is also a social sport and will allow your child to develop friends and relationships outside of school.

Parents need to become actively involved in the care of their children, as they are the new generation.Martial arts is a fun activity that can help with getting children on their feet and moving. But parents still have to make sure that healthy living doesn’t only apply when they drop their kids off at classes. It must continue into their home life as well with good diets and encouragement.

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