You just need to remember to take the time to show your gratitude and spread your kindness. The world needs it. A random act of kindness is a selfless act performed by a person or people wishing to either assist or cheer up an individual person or people. Challenge your Premier Martial Arts students this Thanksgiving to commit to at least one Random Act of Kindness. Challenge and show them how they can make a difference in your community…

There is always something to be grateful for!

No matter what your circumstances, there is always something worth appreciating. Often the most important times to be grateful are during the most difficult times. Gratitude is a powerful emotion. When you are truly grateful in the moment, it’s impossible to feel fear or stress or anxiety, or any of those negative emotions that keep us for experiencing our potential. Allow gratitude to take over.

Remember what you do today will define your tomorrow…

  • What unique dent are you putting in the world?
  • Your good choices are you making today will transform your tomorrow!
  • Be known as a problem solver not a problem maker!
  • Give without expecting a return!

Every purpose involves helping others!

We are not complete on our own. What makes life rich is the way we interact and serve others. The more you do it, the richer the results. The benefits of charity and compassion are powerful and immediate. You’ve seen it on the bus, when someone offers his or her seat to an elderly person. The generous person feels noble, the elderly person beams with gratitude, and even spectators feel like cheering inside just from having witnessed a simple act of kindness. As it turns out, the effects of those experiences aren’t just psychological. Those who study the science of do-gooding have discovered that performing (or even just imagining performing) a good deed has major physiological benefits — for the giver, not just the recipient. Naturally, we don’t behave in benevolent ways to benefit from our actions…but just between us, the side effects are awesome.

Learning to be kind and generous is just one of the many characters we teach at Premier Martial Arts!